Interior Design Process Checklist

Things you have to do before meeting with the Interior Designer.

ü  Establish what you wish to do with your space.

ü  Create Budget.

ü  Define your style: Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary, Modern, Eclectic, Craftsman, Country.

ü  Gather ideas from the books and magazines and collect images.

ü  Define why and what you are like about the space.

ü  Check to see if you have or can get existing floor plans of your house or your space.

You are now ready for your first meeting!

ü  Establish your needs within your budget.

ü  Create existing floor plans and concept new floor plan.

ü  Deciding what you as owner will do and what you wish for me to do.

ü  Create a checklist for both parties.

ü  Both parties finished checklist.

ü  Draft new floor plan.

ü  Gather finish options:  Making the appropriate selections for materials. Considerations are budget, maintenance, life of materials, function, ease of installation, sustainability and aesthetics.

ü  Select plumbing fixtures, electrical, cabinetry, and all surfaces.

ü  Put together a specifications list.

ü  Find out all material lead times.

ü  Check installation cost.

ü  Check delivery cost.

Second Meeting

ü  Review New Floor Plan and make appropriate changes.

ü  Review Changes.

ü  Discuss Elevations.

ü  Finalize New Floor Plan.

ü  Draft elevations, tile design.

ü  Decide on finishes package.

Third Meeting

ü  Finalize Elevations.

ü  Finalize Finishes.

ü  Finalize Specification List.

ü  Establish installation time.